The Common EU Youth Policy Forum

“A Call for Further EU Engagement & Support for Global Youth Issues”

(Brussels; June 13th, 2015)


In recent years, youth unemployment and the development of the labor market for the youth has become a challenge as unemployment rates are high and youth all around the EU are struggling in developing their future careers. The situation is affecting every country in the EU in a significant manner, however the south of Europe is affected more seriously.

The EU institutions and national governments of EU Member States are well aware of the situation and youth issues are taking a considerable part of the overall EU agenda. The EU Commission and EU National Governments have therefore developed many directives, programs and initiatives in order to tackle and improve the situation. However, and as the challenging situation continues to deepen, it is important to strengthen both the magnitude and the scope of these programs, while developing, on the one hand, sustainable practices to enable the labor market to absorb the youth and, on the other hand, to create a sustainable economic framework in order to avoid similar crises in the future.

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Forum Agenda

After the 2008 financial crisis, which is one of the biggest in EU history, it is crucial that youth policies will have a prominent and central role in the future of the EU agenda. The financial crisis of 2008 is perhaps not the direct cause for the current difficult situation for EU youth, however the economic and political framework which enabled a factor like the financial crisis to escalate the situation of youth, has been inherited over the course of many years. Therefore, in order to create sustainable policies, the situation of youth issues must be carefully observed and analyzed from both the legal and legislative perspectives.

The Common EU Youth Policy Forum will gather representatives from non-governmental organizations and civil society, experts in the areas of youth coming from the fields of politics, economics and law together with politicians, academics, young professionals and students from across the EU. The 3-Day Forum delegates will discuss the proposal for a Common EU Youth Policy Proposal 2014-24 and develop a plan for after the conclusion of the conference to establish programs and initiatives that will be implemented across the EU at the local and national levels to support the policy proposal.