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The Annual Summit on Youth in the United Nations »
"The 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of the UN: Developing Youth Initiatives to Promote Sustainable Economies, Cultural Understanding, and Global Human Rights”

(New York City; September 21st - 26th, 2015 – Held Parallel to the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly)

The Annual Summit on Youth in the United Nations will bring together an interdisciplinary group of experts, activists and youth in order to develop initiatives driven by the youth to promote sustainable economies, intercultural understanding and global human rights. The summit will include a variety of lectures, interactive discussions, presentations, workshops and social activities that will support the summit agenda. (More »)

The Transatlantic Youth Alliance »
“Alliance of Young Leaders from America & Europe”

The main goal of the Transatlantic Youth Alliance is to strengthen transatlantic relations by formulating initiatives which encourage cooperation between European and American youth. (More »)

Young Leaders' Forums »
(Forthcoming Forums for 2015)

The OYED Young Leaders´ Forums are international networks of like-minded young individuals with an interest in developing, supporting and sustaining intercultural relations. Over the past decade the OYED Young Leaders´ Forum has grown to become one of Europe's largest independent cultural exchanges Forum.
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Forthcoming Weeklong Seminars for 2015 include:
Cultural Diplomacy & the Global Economy: A Forum for Young Leaders »
Berlin; September 23rd - 27th, 2015
The United States Meets Europe: A Forum for Young Leaders (USAME) »
NYC; September 21st - 26th, 2015
Africa Meets Europe: A Forum for Young Leaders (AME) »
Berlin; December 10th - 16th, 2015
Cultural Diplomacy in Africa: A Forum for Young Leaders (CDA) »
Berlin; December 10th - 16th, 2015

Interviews »

Reviews of the Young Leaders´ Forums Weeklong Seminars »

This page provides access to extensive event documentation and reviews about some of the Young Leaders´ Weeklong Seminars, including: written reviews, academic papers presented, lists of speakers, video interviews with speakers, and video recordings of lectures and panel discussions. (More »)