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The Artistic Cultural Diplomacy Forum 2018 »
"Building Cultural Bridges through Art, Film and Music"

(Berlin; February 21st - 23rd, 2018)
Held Parallel to the Berlin Film Festival 2018

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"The Artistic Cultural Diplomacy Forum 2018" is an international conference taking place in Berlin from February 21st – 23rd, 2017 to explore the potential for art and music to provide a neutral platform for cultural exchange. (More »)
Speakers for the Conference include:
Marcia Barrett
Lead Singer of Boney M
Jermaine Jackson
Celebrated American Singer
Anggun Cipta Sasmi
Celebrated Indonesian Singer
Prof. Dr. Karl P. Donfried »
Director of Studies - Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies (CCDS)
The Hon. Erna Hennicot-Schoepges »
Vice President of the ICD Advisory Board
The Hon. Dr. Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis »
Vice President on the Council for CD Studies
Amb. Delia Domingo Albert
Former Foreign Minister of the Philippines
The Hon. Gert Weisskirchen
Former Senior Member of the German Parliament
Hedva Ser
UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and Special Envoy for Cultural Diplomacy

The African Development Forum 2018 »
"Sustainable Economies & Responsible Investments"

(Berlin; March 6th - 9th, 2018)
Held Parallel to the Berlin Tourism Fair ITB

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The forum will highlight best practices of countries in Africa of implementing successful sustainable development strategies and it aims to create new initiatives, which will strengthen African development in specific countries and for the continent as a whole. (More »)
Speakers for the Conference include:
President Olusegun Obasanjo
Former President of Nigeria
President Joyce Banda
Former President of Malawi
The Hon. Thabo Mbeki
Former Prime Minister of South Africa
President John Agyekum Kufuor
Former President of Ghana
The Hon. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma (tbc)
Former Chair of the African Union Commission
Hon. Rui Duarte Barros
Former Prime minister of Guinea – Bissau

The Barcelona Summit on Cross Continental Cooperation »
"Enhancing Cross & Trans Continental Cooperation"

(Barcelona; March 22th - 25th, 2018)

The Catalan dispute highlighted in the latest regional election, in December 21st, 2017 demonstrated once more the urgent need for ongoing constructive dialogue in order to achieve and maintain lasting cross regional cooperation. (More »)
Speakers for the Forum include (among others) the following dignitaries:
MEP Nigel Farage
Member of the European Parliament
The Hon. President Artur Mas i Gavarró
Former President of Catalonia
The Hon. Joan Laporta i Estruch (tbc)
Former President of FC Barcelona
Sen. José Ramón Bauzá Díaz
Former President, Balearic Islands; Member of the Spanish Senate
Antonio Caño Barranco
Director, El País
Sen. Manuel Guillermo Altava Lavall
Member of the Spanish Senate
MP José Juan Díaz Trillo
President; Spanish Parliament Climate Change Commission
Josep Cuní i Llaudet
Celebrated Catalan Journalist
The Hon. Erna Hennicot Schoepges
Vice President, ICD Advisory Board

OYED Young Leaders' Forums »
Since 2003

The OYED Young Leaders´ Forums are international networks of like-minded young individuals with an interest in developing, supporting and sustaining intercultural relations. Over the past decade the OYED Young Leaders´ Forum has grown to become one of Europe's largest independent cultural exchanges Forum.
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Reviews of the Young Leaders´ Forums Weeklong Seminars »

This page provides access to extensive event documentation and reviews about some of the Young Leaders´ Weeklong Seminars, including: written reviews, academic papers presented, lists of speakers, video interviews with speakers, and video recordings of lectures and panel discussions. (More »)