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Annual World News Media Forum 2022 »
“The Growing Threats for Democracy & Freedom of Speech”

(Berlin; November 8th - 10th, 2022)

The Annual World News Media Forum 2022 will therefore focus on analysing and raising awareness for activities that promote global peace, stability and prosperity. (More »)

OYED Young Leaders' Forums »
(Forthcoming Seminars for 2022)

The OYED Young Leaders´ Forums are international networks of like-minded young individuals with an interest in developing, supporting and sustaining intercultural relations. Over the past decade the OYED Young Leaders´ Forum has grown to become one of Europe's largest independent cultural exchanges Forum.
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Forthcoming Weeklong Seminars for 2022 include:

Interviews »

Reviews of the Young Leaders´ Forums Weeklong Seminars »

This page provides access to extensive event documentation and reviews about some of the Young Leaders´ Weeklong Seminars, including: written reviews, academic papers presented, lists of speakers, video interviews with speakers, and video recordings of lectures and panel discussions. (More »)