Organization for Youth Education & Development (OYED)

“Young Cultural Diplomacy”

About the “Young Cultural Diplomacy” Program

The “Young Cultural Diplomacy” program is a youth initiative undertaken by the Organization for Youth Education and Development. The intention of the “Young Cultural Diplomacy” program is to put forward fresh perspectives of how young people view cultural diplomacy, while at the same time to explore how cultural diplomacy can be used in order to support the development of youth worldwide.

The main activities of the program include research, publications and conferences. One of the components of the project is a quarterly journal, where we assemble a collection of articles and interviews contributed by young practitioners of cultural diplomacy who analyze cultural diplomacy and offer innovative perspectives of how it can be implemented and practiced.

We are pleased to make the following journals available:
September 2014 “Cultural Diplomacy as a Tool for fostering Youth Education and Development”
June 2014 “Applied Cultural Diplomacy: Best Practices & Future Strategies”
March 2014 “The Role of International Law in Promoting Human & Women’s Rights”
December 2013 "Global Trends in Creative Economies"
September 2013 "CD as a Tool for Fostering Youth Education & Development"